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Rebdesign, Rebecca Luisier, the full story

A propos / about

Rebdesign was founded in 2016 by Rebecca Luisier, interior designer. Before starting her company, she had the opportunity to collaborate for several years, in Verbier, within a large real estate project including a 5 star hotel, apartments, hotel residences and commercial spaces. Her experience was also enriched by working with an interior design studio on the Lake Geneva Riviera, which allowed her to immerse herself in other styles and ways of doing things.



The savoir-faire of traditional and vernacular materials is important to us, in parallel with all the ecological alternatives and artistic approaches. Our panel of contacts (suppliers, craftsmen, artists, technicians) is wide and this allows us to offer you beautiful products, sometimes original, sometimes simple, sometimes offbeat... 


Passion for design but also for natural materials like wood and stone. On the lookout for the latest technologies with a desire to rely on the know-how of craftsmen. The notion of experience is important in each project, which must reflect the personality of the owner.

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